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Punta del Este

The gem of South America

Punta del Este is a peninsula 110 km east of Montevideo, in an area of extreme natural beauty, surrounded by pine forests and unspoiled sandy beaches. In the last few decades the area has been carefully developed into a modern world-class resort, which has been likened to places such as Monaco, St Tropez and Palm Beach.

Jutting into the ocean, Punta del Este has two very different coastlines. ‘La Mansa’ is calm and peaceful, whilst ‘La Brava’ is set apart by its windy and trendy beaches. You can go from the city and beach to the countryside in about fifteen minutes. Everything is nearby and easily accessible.

Punta del Este is the Monaco of South America, with excellent restaurants, chic boutiques, casinos and cultural attractions. It is one of the most exclusive spots in the word. Punta del Este particularly attracts Argentineans, Brazilians, North Americans and increasingly European tourists. From mid-December to the end of February, it is the top destination for international jet-setters and celebrities from around the world. This makes Punta del Este both exciting and internationally diverse.

The busy and exciting tourist season in the summer months contrasts wildly with the peaceful winter. Out of high season, Punta del Este becomes a haven of peace and tranquillity. Its wide open spaces, and energizing and relaxing atmosphere are unparalleled, where artists thrive from the natural colours and light.

Throughout the year, Punta del Este has first class golf, and is a great location for riding, polo, tennis, biking, sailing, surfing, yachting, fishing, bird watching and aquatic sports.

Punta del Este offers a broad choice of property types, including beachfront homes, luxury apartments, houses and rural properties (farms and ranches) known as ‘Chacras,’ and pristine land. Property prices offer excellent value.

Video courtesy of Intendencia Departamental de Maldonado

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